Holographic Huma

The Holographic Human, is an application designed by HYPERVSN in order to Representing a human body in 1:1 scale by combining 3 holographic propellers mounted on a stand or in a glass or plexiglass case, the holographic projector consists of 3 propellers that overlap and allow a person as tall as 180 cm to be seen.

3D human hologram how it works

The 3D human hologram can be made in different moods:

  • Pre-recorded video of a person giving a speech, or presenting products or services
  • Photorealistic 3D model that interacts with user questions :
  • interaction with preset questions and answers
  • Interaction with responses linked to artificial intelligence

Once the system is turned on, the 3 propellers on which hundreds of LEDs are installed rotate at more than 750 revolutions per minute, and it is the strong rotation that makes the propellers magically disappear, creating transparency and the possibility of seeing beyond the propeller itself.The optical illusion of these 3D holograms is wonderful and extremely realistic.

The Holographic Human is used to display a person hologram, but nothing prohibits displaying any vertical content, such as a product, 3D video, historical character, animated logos, etc etc.

Practical applications of human 3D hologram

Holographic Human is an outstanding tool for attracting the attention of those present. It is a strong catalyst for attention in itself if only because of the technology employed and the wow effect that the visualization that creates the hologram person. The use of this technology can have various outlets both at the cultural, educational, museum level and at the marketing, business level.

The image displayed by the holographic projection is an image that appears flat up close because it is a transparency image but is not truly three-dimensional so the implant should be placed in the audience so that a 170-degree view can be had and not allowed to go behind the implant, as this would lose the view of the 3D holographic subject.
The plant is placed in corners or against walls that provide an optimal view.

Future developments and artificial intelligence

Shake is already able to propose the artificial intelligence connected hologram that can dispense information, solutions, services and sales 24/7of
Such technology enables the use of the human hologram placed in high-flow areas such as airports, hospitals, parking lots, municipalities and museums.


Shake offers Holographic Human solutions with different solutions and interaction possibilities:

  • Create interactive 3D content where the user can interact with the user’s avatar questions and answers created by artificial intelligence
  • Create 3D content with limited user question interactions and limited responses to the type of installation
  • Create live content with limited interactive interactions questions via interactive panel and answers limited to the type of installation