Rilastil Event


On March 16, we “designed” for Istituto Ganassini an event dedicated to the Rilastil world.

Milan’s Castello Sforzesco colored its inner courtyards blue for the occasion. This was […]

Jova Beach Party 2


The 2022 Jova Beach Party 2 was an extraordinary event with 15 stops at different Italian coastal locations. Organized by Jovanotti, it attracted more than 300,000 spectators.

The […]



Cinecittà Studios has opened to the public with the Cinecittà si Mostra project, a project that aims to enhance its historical and architectural heritage by […]

Brixia Sacra


Brixia sacra is an app developed for Viva! which curates a Museo Diffuso project for the Diocese of Brescia. The app, available for Android and […]

AR Catalog


We would like to give greater appeal to our presentations and our Temporary Show-Room, the idea being to integrate real and virtual. We responded to […]

Holo Pyramid


A Holographic Pyramid hosted at Fuorisalone in the Cristalplant space to spectacularly present the winning projects of the contest promoted in collaboration with Poliform and […]

Touch Me


An interactive wall projection to discover in detail the features of the winning projects of the DesignContest […]

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