We recounted the evolution of the home electrical system over a century of history and the pioneering role played by ABB. We told about it in road-show developed throughout the country and divided into 20 stops where ABB met with selected installers.

ABB’s red thread runs through the graphic wall (a self-supporting and modular wall therefore easy to adapt to any situation) encountering important dates and milestones in the development and progress of the home electrical system. The informational purpose was already achieved by the designed storytelling, but to give it a memorable feel and thematic insights was provided by the interactivity.

Touching the drawings in fact activated video content and motion-graphic animations near or above the drawing itself. As we get closer to the present day, the animations are more complex until they depict a cross-section of a completely green-energy operated home.

The last part of the route is a video intercom, designed but working, from which it is possible to take a selfie, send it in, and enter a contest with draws provided at each stage.