Garda Treasures


For the Ugo da Como Foundation, we designed, wrote and produced an immersive video.

The title “The Senses and Enchantment of the Treasures of Garda and its Hills” […]

Chalet RheaVendors


Analyzing, studying and designing surrounded by nature, in a chalet surrounded by ancient trees and a careful selection of native and exotic plants and flowers […]

Pavilion Zero


Pavilion Zero at Expo 2015 in Milan is the structure that welcomes visitors and tells us the agricultural and food history of humanity. The Pavilion commissioned by […]

There is no Milan


The institutional film of the Milan Municipal Police Corps shows the presence of the Vigili in the daily life of the city. It chronicles their integration into […]

Bit 2006


We created for Regione Lombardia - Assessorato al Turismo a 180° installation and video production to create [...]



The Arezzo Tourist Reception Center was the first in Italy to promote its area through immersive projection.

A 12-meter-diameter ROOM180° has been installed in the deconsecrated Church of […]

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