For the Ugo da Como Foundation, we designed, wrote and produced an immersive video.

The title “The Senses and Enchantment of the Treasures of Garda and its Hills” already gives a taste of its contents.

Video Production

We traveled through the Lower Garda and Mantuan Hills territories. Small villages, stately palaces, protected areas, prehistoric traces and evidence of the long-suffering Italian Risorgimento are the subjects of our tale.

We visited a number of excellent manufacturing companies active in agribusiness, steelmaking and world-class sports hubs. And we did it with a comprehensive look, a 360-degree look.

In 15 days of production we filmed 33 locations with 360 Titan 360 – 11k whose versatility has no limits. We went from boating on the lake to flying close to buildings of special architectural and scenic interest.

In editing and postproduction, we wrote a narrative that tells of the history, art, landscapes and riches of the lower Garda and its hills. Soaring above the courtyards of the Rocca, the video takes us on a 15-minute tour of 6 different itineraries to discover small villages but also more tourist destinations, preferring, however, the lesser-known details told in a more intimate tone of voice. Pozzolengo, Solferino, Sirmione, Castellaro Lagusello are some of the places depicted in the immersive video.

Video projection

Next, we made the immersive room suitable for 360-degree projection. The screening was held in an 80-square-meter room with a barrel vault. This is the basement room of the Captain’s House within the Rocca di Lonato del Garda complex.

The room is completely covered with immersive video images for a linear development of about 10,500 pixels. The installation was made with 6 Epson 7000 lumen LCD laser projectors and allows visitors to move freely in the space while fully enjoying the show.