Focus Live 2023 was a triumph of innovation and engagement at the Milan Museum of Technology. The festival kicked off with an unforgettable holographic interview led by Raffaele Leone with renowned sailor Giovanni Soldini.

How were we able to produce this effect?

Weeks before, we shot Raphael’s interview with John in a 15×8-meter green-screen stage. Once the background was removed, we created a kaleidoscopic background so as to achieve an incredibly dynamic result.

During the live presentation, in fact, Raffaele engaged the audience by “crossing” an LED screen and immersing himself in an alternate reality.

The post-production team managed to tickle the audience’s imagination with the use of special effects. Within minutes, the theater was transformed into an evocative virtual ocean. The screen was crossed by majestic whales, playful dolphins, colorful fish and sinuous vegetation. Soldini showed his boat in the palm of his hand and then enlarged it to show us in detail. With his boat, he is able to circumnavigate the globe and collect scientific data on the health of the Sea. This journey across the oceans offered a mind-blowing, engaging spectacle and stimulated conscious reflection on the Environment.

Giovanni Soldini, enriching the interview with compelling stories and valuable advice on saving the seas, opened Focus Live 2023 in explosive fashion.