In Athens, MATTEL hosted for an international B2B event key customers from the Europe region. The event took place over 5 days punctuated by presentations, demonstrations, live performances, challenges, and Show-Room visits.

Impressive event in numbers:

  • 600 guests
  • 30 hours of presentation
  • 80 square meters of video wall
  • 25 speakers
  • 14 technicians in the director’s office
  • 600 sqm showroom
  • 8 video wall display cases
  • 1 holographic pyramid

The purpose was to create connections between people from different markets with different strategies. The event was an experience of professional growth, product and market knowledge, and at the same time it was also a recreational opportunity. In the Show-Room in fact, we recreated a “typical” path with store windows, street lamps and benches as if we were strolling downtown, inside each window, thanks also to the use of rear-projected screens we recreated a “world” dedicated to each brand to create suggestion and bring the products to life.