Cernobbio, a scenic, historical and tourist jewel that generously bestows its beauty. For the City of Cernobbio, we created a unique immersive experience. An ideal trip that every visitor should take to the beautiful location on Lake Como. The journey, Belvedere in Cernobbio 360°, divided into three parts, the route reveals hidden treasures and breathtaking views.

Mountain trails lead to the discovery of the rich fauna and flora that characterize the region. Passing through picturesque we encounter panoramic views of the lake and enchanting forests to the summit of Mt. Bisbino. From up there, the view is lost between the Alps and the lakes of Como and Lugano, offering a breathtaking sight.

Lakeside paths provide exclusive glimpses of the renowned Villas, authentic jewels set between blue waters and green mountains. Villa Pizzo, Villa D’Este and Villa Erba are shown in all their beauty. Each with private access from the lake, each different in style and functionality. And what could be better than admiring Cernobbio from the perspective of the Lake? Its beauty, elegance and vitality are reflected in the waters of the Lario that caress its shores.

Finally, a stroll through the alleys of the historic center among typical restaurants, craft stores and exceptional stores where you can buy unique products. Monuments and churches stand along the way, while Risorgimento Square reveals itself as the beating heart of the city. The Imbarcadero, with its elegant Art Nouveau style, recalls the magnificence of Villa Bernasconi.

Belvedere in Cernobbio 360° gives moments of contemplation and connection with nature. It is able to make the visitor experience memories of inestimable emotional value. Sunrise over the lake, sunset over the Bisbino and the peace of the Valley Garden are genuine pampering for the soul.