In collaboration with Feralpi Group, Shake had the honor of creating an immersive video experience, capturing the essence and energy that permeates the environment of this prestigious company. Feralpi Group, a mainstay in the steel and metal industry, has played a key role in shaping the global industrial landscape with its dedication to quality, innovation and sustainability.

Through the lens of the TITAN 360 camera, we guided the viewer on an immersive journey through the various stages of the company’s production process. From foundries to processing departments, every step is captured to show the company’s ongoing commitment to excellence and respect for the environment.

The TITAN 360 camera provided a unique and engaging perspective, allowing viewers to fully immerse themselves in the dynamic and vibrant atmosphere of Feralpi Group. With its ability to capture 360-degree panoramas, we were able to convey the vastness and complexity of the company’s operations, providing a comprehensive and detailed view of the processes at work.