During Expo 2015, in Pavilion Zero, Ferrero S.p.a.’s immersive video production was presented to promote the preservation of native crops.

To realize this immersive experience, we devoted about 6 months of work, exploring various plantations in Europe, Africa, Central and South America. In addition, we have documented pastures in Piedmont, hazelnut groves in Turkey and Chile, cocoa plantations and harvesting in Ghana and Burkina Faso, sugarcane cultivation in Cuba, palm oil extraction in Brazil, vines grown on the volcanic soil of Lanzarote, date crops in Morocco, and caper and olive plantations in Pantelleria.

Next, Collaborating with a large film crew, we faced the logistical challenges of isolated and hardly accessible territories. Using our proprietary system, Room 360°, and a wide range of film media, such as drones, dollies, tracks, and dollies, we have captured both striking panoramas and intimate details with an image resolution of up to 33k.

Our goal of raising awareness of issues related to biodiversity and agricultural sustainability has thus been achieved. We hope that this production will inspire concrete actions aimed at protecting our natural heritage.