The majestic Rocca di Lonato, imposing on high ground on the shores of Lake Garda, enchants visitors with its ancient ruins and breathtaking scenery. For the Ugo da Como Foundation, we created an extraordinary immersive video entitled “The Senses and Enchantment of the Treasures of Garda and its Hills.”
Exploring the Lower Garda and Mantuan Hills, we visited secret villages, sumptuous palaces and enchanted gardens, searching for prehistoric traces and evidence of the Italian Risorgimento. In just 15 days of filming with the Titan 360, we captured 33 locations, capturing every nuance with a 360-degree gaze and taking viewers from the tranquility of the lake to the excitement of approaching buildings with unique architectural and scenic appeal. In addition, in editing, we created an engaging narrative that tells the story, art, and riches of the Lower Garda and its hills.
Pozzolengo, Solferino, Sirmione and Castellaro Lagusello are just some of the gems that emerge from this extraordinary visual experience. This outstanding video takes us on a 15-minute journey through 6 different itineraries, from lesser-known villages to more famous tourist destinations, always offering an authentic perspective and narrating with an intimate tone.