Inside the Ganassini Institute Laboratories, we have created an immersive production that can transport the viewer inside the working environments and simultaneously see the various stages of study, production and testing.

At the entrance to each laboratory, Research and Development – Control and Quality – Microbiology, we were greeted by the respective director who guided the viewer to discover the features and functions of the various work areas.

Focuses on particular details, on the other hand, were shot in 16:9 at 4k so that the viewer could see the characteristics of machinery and components of dermocosmetic formulas up close.

Having a 360-degree narrative of their Laboratories allowed Istituto Ganassini to share the experience of visiting the company outside the company as well. In fact, immersive content lends itself to be used in immersive video projections, on its own web portal, with the ability to be navigated and enjoyed in 360°, and finally it can be viewed interactively through VR visor applications.