Titan 360° also went inside a dairy to tell the step-by-step process of making excellent cheeses. The immersive video production began inside a dairy cow farm and then moved inside the Gardalatte Dairy.

Tradition and innovation are combined here. The milk comes from certified farms located along the lower Lake Garda and lower Brescia area, where the presence of the lake helps create a beneficial microclimate that positively affects the quality of the milk and cheeses produced. These territorial characteristics give Gardalatte Dairy’s cheeses a unique and unmistakable taste. The dairy’s production focuses on three types of cheese: Grana Padano D.O.P., with its delicate and strong flavor, mild Provolone Valpadana, and spicy Provolone Valpadana.

Grana Padano is a hard cheese renowned in Italy and abroad, while Provolone Valpadana has its origins in the Po Valley in the 19th century, originated as a variant of Campania provola, and has different shapes and weights, depending on the type of rennet used.