We created a VR application for Istituto Ganassini that allowed Rilastil’s international guests in Venice to enter inside the Pharmaceutical Institute’s R&D and Quality Control Laboratories. Once the visor is put on, a narrator’s voice provides, in Italian or English, the few basic instructions to best navigate within the application. In this case, navigation is by eye selection: if the user looks at a button for more than 3 seconds, it activates the relevant section.

The content, most of which is immersive, allows the user to learn about the history of the Institute from its origins to the present, see historical machinery, and delve into laboratories where new formulas are experimented and tested. In this way, the user has a privileged position as he or she takes center stage with the various physicians and laboratory directors explaining to him or her step by step the various steps taken before placing the highest quality products on the market.