Video projection on a water screen with a 180-meter projection front on Lake Como is a fascinating experience.

This innovative technology combines the art of projection with the natural element of water, creating a unique visual spectacle.

During the night, on the lake, darkness breaks and a cascade of colors dances on the water screen, transforming the lake into a magical stage.

Projected images range from breathtaking landscapes to abstract works of art, offering endless creative possibilities.

The water screen projection engages viewers in a multi-sensory experience, creating a magical atmosphere.

The three-dimensional effect of the projections seems to float in the air, inspiring wonder and amazement. This type of entertainment can be used for special events such as festivals, theater performances, or romantic evenings by the lake.

The combination of technology and creativity turns water into a living screen, engaging a wide audience.

Water screen projection with such a wide front allows the creation of a show that can be seen from different angles. This extraordinary art form excites the audience and transforms the environment into a magical stage.