For the University of Rome “Foro Italico” we made an institutional video aimed at representing the University Institute both to students, talking about the variety of teaching and future outlets, and to stakeholders, in general to all those private and public partners who play a role in the life and development of national and international projects and collaborations.

The video tells, from the perspective of the protagonists, about the “Foro Italico” university system.

The occasion, the cue, is to recount a student’s typical day, and in this linear flow we encounter intersections of experiences and meanings.

Martina, a first-year student, pedals to university at dawn. Through her, we explore the world of motor activity, both theoretical and practical. Francisco a Spanish Erasmus student, studies motor activity and metabolic control. With him, we learn about the aspects related to Health, the Biochemistry Lab and the gymnasium.

Asrat , researcher, analyzes Functional Assessment, considering every aspect of movement. Through him we enter the world of Science, Laboratories, Research, and the scientific approach to athletic performance.

Catherine, a personal trainer, integrates wellness into various aspects, transforming lifestyles. With her, we discover the world of work and continuing education.

The 4 boys’ narrative explores the university environment as spaces and activities. After a thorough survey, we planned a detailed script with over 60 shots. With a tight production schedule, we completed the production in 3 days, visiting iconic environments such as the Stadio dei Marmi and the Monumental Pool, inspired by the students’ enthusiasm.