Wonder is a bright kaleidoscope where the choral experience stimulates the imagination and predisposes the soul to great feats. Wonder wants you to relive the feelings of magic and discovery that are typical of the world of childhood.

The event
, which took place in the Lounge area of Supertudio in Milan, was for the 155 guests of the EuRoMEA Marketing and Sales Team.

Technology, branded vehicles, live appearances of the most iconic characters served the Show.

The journey came to life with Viktor Kee stepping out of the sphere, synonymous with a hatching egg, and initiating the narrative punctuated by a glowing ball that crossed the screens and changed scenarios and topics.

The set design consisted of 5 big screens totaling 35 meters of projection and 3 stages on which speakers and performers took turns to make the presentation of brands more engaging.

The audience, thanks in part to the pouf-like seating that promoted the visual shift from one part of the space to another , was not audience but an active part of the show.

A spectacular yet intimate “communication” at the same time, rediscovering one’s emotions because dreams make projects come alive and drive them.