Smart Glasses, which are especially useful in business settings, allow users to view useful information directly on the lenses, access specific tools, and exploit the potential of augmented reality with 3D scans.

It has just concluded
CES 2021
, the consumer electronics trade show that for the first time was held not in Las Vegas but in a fully digital mode, with virtually more than 1,900 exhibitors present.

Amidst smartphones that roll up, smart bathtubs, robot butlers, and interactive facemasks, Lenovo is setting its sights on augmented reality with the launch of ThinkReality A3, the smart glasses the Chinese giant is targeting the business world.

Some features:

  • Allow the user to view up to 5 virtual displays through stereoscopic lenses

  • They mount an 8-megapixel camera for remote control

  • They have 2 fisheye cameras enable room tracking technology.

  • They are worn comfortably as ordinary sunglasses

  • They will come to market starting in mid-2021

Instead, they should arrive between late 2021 and early 2022 the
Apple Glass

Designed as ordinary eyeglasses and compatible with prescription lenses, they will reportedly be equipped with
2 displays
, placed on both lenses, and will allow information to be displayed on the screen.

The screens will be managed through the user interface, which will be called Starboard: therefore, the glasses can be controlled with gestures in front of the device, which will be recognized due to the presence of the LiDAR sensor.

This will enable 3D scanning of the surrounding environment and to ensure that the technology provides the best user experience. Instead, cameras will be missing to avoid possible privacy issues.