Sonia Peronaci was chosen by Barbie as a Role Model for her ability to look “over the wall.”

In fact, even today women have fewer opportunities to establish themselves in the world of work. Certainly not for lack of vision, organization and determination. Sonia for this is an example to be inspired by.

To celebrate her, Barbie dedicated a doll with her likeness. On that occasion Elodie and Zelda went to Sonia Factory to spend an afternoon with her. Together with Sonia Peronaci, they prepared a special snack.

Between rainbow frosting, sprinkles and colored sprinkles, the cupcakes were an opportunity for Sonia to exhort the girls to make brave choices, to not be afraid to make mistakes, to try and try again even while welcoming the advice of others.

Beginnings and success

Sonia Peronaci early in her career made a difficult choice: to leave a secure job to follow her dream. That is, cooking for work. The choice, however, did not fall on a restaurant. Sonia chose a more difficult path: that of making web-based cooking tutorials. And he did it at a time when the Italian public was not yet used to that format.

Her resourcefulness and determination, however, proved her right. The blog he founded, Giallo Zafferano, has become a reference point for DIY cooking enthusiasts.

Sonia got back into the game with a new project “Sonia Factory” a place to study, create and meet.

A positive stimulus

Sonia conveyed the same self-confidence to the girls that she conveys to her audience. The desire to experiment and try again and again until a convincing result is obtained.

It was a rich production because of the simple yet strong messages at the same time, the vitality and complicity between Elodie and Zelda, and the sharing of a beautiful inclusive message.