We are all Astronauts

On Friday, December 16, 2022 on the occasion of the Second National Space Day, an interactive event with space-themed educational purposes was held for Primary, Secondary and High Schools.

The project is a collaboration of
School Of Astronautics
, the first school of Astronautics in Italy with Shake and
, the Italian Association of Faithful Models.

Space has always fascinated entire generations, our country has a history of great Astronauts and is in the top ranks of the Aerospace Components Industry.

The activity proposed during the “We Are All Astronauts” initiative was a fascinating and engaging immersive and interactive journey through our Solar System with an unexpected landing on the Moon, guided by a School ofAstronauticsteacher and a Shake TA.

We put on virtual visors, closed the astronaut helmet that in virtual space each of us had and, with the help of our assistants, set off on a ‘space adventure. The guide told us man what we were encountering as we moved light in space with other explorers and we were able to interactively touch everything around us.

We had the opportunity to be able to take each object with our own hands , analyzing it down to the smallest detail and then passing it into the hands of our fellow travelers!

helps implement pathways
training by creating opportunities from hitherto unthinkable educational implications. L.E.M. allows a teacher or trainer to Interact with other users: they can “see” each other and perceive themselves within the space-environment, recreated to reproduce a possible real situation, as well as being able to use their own hands to grasp virtual objects, move them and perform actions as in the reality.

The “We Are All Astronauts” initiative was included in the circuit of activities promoted by the ASI on the occasion of National Space Day.